Thursday, March 6, 2008

Who invented the lamp?

Who invented the lamp?

The first artificial lamp came from fire. Then some 20, 000 years ago, people realized that they could get light by burning oil. Lamps with vegetable fibres as wicks, were first made in 1000BC. Candles appeared about 2000 years ago. In 1859, drilling for petroleum oil began, and the kerosene lamp was first introduced in 1853 in Germany. Coal gas was first used as lighting fuel as early as 1784. A German inventor Freidrich Winzer was the first person to patent coal gas lighting in 1804.

Peter Cooper Hewitt of United States of America patented the mercury vapour lamp in 1901. Georges Claude from France invented the neon lamp in 1911. Irving Langmuir of United States of America invented tungsten filament in 1915. Hans Spaner, Edmund Germer ad Friedrich Meyer patented a fluorescent lamp in 1927.

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