Monday, June 30, 2008

Which was the first ship to sail around the world?

Which was the first ship to sail around the world?

Though Columbus had discovered the West Indies, however the search for a new trade route to the East continued. Magellan, a Portuguese sailor was in the service of the Spanish Government and he was one of the many engaged in this pursuit. In August 1519, he set out with five ships badly in need of repair, and a crew drawn from many countries. He overcame a mutiny abroad the ship. The men had tried to revolt when they heard that he was planning to look for a strait in the southernmost tip of South America. The strait, which allowed his to cross into the pacific is named after him. Magellan crossed the pacific with great difficulty, his supplies having run out by then. He finally reached the Philippines but was killed in a local war there.

The Vittoria, the only one of Magellan’s ships to remain, sailed back to Portugal in 1522. She became the first ship to sail around the world.

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